We all love coffee, or we have taken the caffeine product at least ones. Coffee is a good source of refreshing yourself and a means of activating your brain. With the numerous and recent advancement in technology, we have the ability to make coffee with the click of a button.

These machines have eased the process of making coffee in the morning thereby saving you time. These machines make the coffee like the Keurig K55 is a good sample of a coffee making machine that you surely need to have.

Keurig K55 Review – Pros and Cons

Keurig K55


  • The Keurig K55 is able to brew coffee first within a few minutes. This, therefore, saves you time. Get your coffee faster with the Keurig K55.
  • The device has a nice reliable auto-off feature that can be set on a timer. The gadget automatically goes off thus keeping you safe in case you forgot that you were making some coffee.
  • This machine is not only for brewing coffee but also other beverages like tea and hot cocoa The device has a nice big water reservoir.
  • It has a removable drip tray. This removable drip tray enables you to customize your coffee maker easily.
  • Brew sizes: it enables you to brew different sizes of coffee, for example, sizes 6 sizes 8 and size 10.
  • It has button controls that you can easily handle and manage. These buttons make the device easy to use.


  • Has a short life span that is it easily breaks down. Can only function for a few weeks.
  • The gadget has a terrible plastic taste something that is not appealing to those who are into the taste.
  • When the device is brewing it tends to be noisy.
  • It can take more than a minute to brew a cup of coffee.

Setting Up Keurig K55

  1. Unbox the Keurig 55 from the box.
  2. Un-tape removes all the tapes that the Keurig 55 has. These tapes ensure that the Keurig 55 does not fall off into pieces when you are unboxing it. This will enable you to examine all the parts of the Keurig55.
  3. Ones untapped you can easily assemble and disassemble the Keurig easily. You can remove the water reservoir and put it back easily. You can also do the same for the tray.
  4. Soak your coffee filter in distilled water or purified for around 10 minutes as you clean your machine to remove all the contamination it may have.
  5. Attach you K cup back to the K cup holder. Avoid messing around with the pin that is inside the K cup. With the arrow mark of the K cup facing the right direction.
  6. Take your soaked filter and attach it to its filter holder. After which you will want to connect the who filter into your water reservoir.
  7. Add 1.5 liters of water an into the water reservoir and cover the water reservoir using its lid.
  8. Connect your Keurig 55 to a source of power.
  9. Ones everything has been assembled all together turn on your machine and select the size of cup you would want your Keurig 55 to brew.

Design & Features

Keurig K55 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup

Replaceable filter and a filter holder for the water. This is effective to ensure that your coffee has clean and purified water.

Star-shaped drip tray to gather all the coffee or cocoa that drips off this ensures that your kitchen is in good condition. Therefore avoiding a messy Keurig.

Removable reservoir for your water that is stationed on the right. This allows you to store water for your coffee and brew multiple cups minus having to change the water frequently.

K-cup holder that can be easily replaced and opened. This will enable you to replace your Kcups incase their taste is finished

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Performance & Functionality

The new Keurig function better than previous versions of the Keurig, It performs better and faster than other models of the Keurig K55. It has multiple K cup pod that is portable and can be replaced from time to time.

It has an auto-off feature that enables you to brew your coffee even when you are away. Brewing is made supper easily thanks to the auto on-off button.

The Keurig can be easily descaled, this process helps to remove calcium deposits, or scales, that build up inside your coffee maker over time.

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