JBL, the leader in the production of acoustic technology, introduced the new Clip Plus wireless column. Interesting article: The compact device turned out very worthy, having low cost and interesting design.

JBL Clip+ Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Initially, the device is positioned as a light and compact device, which you can always take with you. Having an unusual shape for the column, and it is round here, there is an eye with a carabiner on top. It serves to hook the device, for example, over a backpack or rope. Based on this model is called Clip.

Weight and column is 150 g, which is not very much. The main materials of the case are metal and plastic. The latter has a soft touch structure that perfectly conceals all the shortcomings inherent in glossy surfaces: scratches and fingerprints.

The speaker is hidden under a black metal grille. On the front side, the orange JBL logo looks beautiful. When you turn on or search for devices, under the grille you see an LED that changes the intensity of the glow depending on the mode. On the sides there are buttons for control of sound control, Bluetooth and power.

Basically, all such speakers have the function Hands Free, which allows you to make calls with the built-in microphone. The function is very useful, especially if the smartphone lies further than the speaker. JBL Clip Plus is not without this option.

The autonomy of the work can be noted that having a full charge of the battery, work at an average volume can last up to 5 hours, which is not a bad performance, given the size of the device.

The time until the battery is fully charged is 2.5 hours at 0.5 A (connection to the PC).

Please note that the JBL Clip Plus has a short cable that hides in the edge of the case. This AUX cable, which has several uses. The first is the ability to connect a speaker to a device that does not support Bluetooth. This device can be any player, phone, TV and other equipment. Owners of two columns fall out of the opportunity to connect devices into one circuit, which will allow to reproduce sound from one source.

JBL Clip Plus

jbl clip plusGo to the sound, it is worth noting that the power of the speaker is 3.2 watts. This is quite enough to provide a high-quality and loud sound (as far as possible with such dimensions), which will always be near.

It is worth noting that JBL Clip Plus has a moisture protection. This means that you can use the column in rooms with high humidity or in nature.

For this money we have a reliable and functional device, with pleasant additions:

  • High-quality and loud sound;
  • Convenient carbine;
  • A built-in AUX cable;
  • Moisture resistance;
  • Good autonomy.

Unfortunately, the test column rattles a little. The malfunction indicates that the device was already on hand, the previous owner actively used it at maximum volume. With prolonged listening, all flaws go by.




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