Fresh green lawn near the house makes the whole area more beautiful and well-groomed. In hot summertime, the lawn requires special care. In order for it to retain its freshness and color saturation, it needs to be watered systematically.

It is obvious that the manual method of irrigation has long been irrelevant; the automatic irrigation systems are best suited. What systems of automatic watering can be used for watering lawns? What are their features and benefits?

How to choose a watering system

watering system for garden

Criteria for choosing an automatic irrigation system

  • Pumping station. We pay attention to the main pump wheel and the main components (housing and shaft) – the material from which they are made must be wear-resistant and have an adequate safety margin. Often, it is high-quality plastic or stainless steel.

Also information about bearings should be clarified: type and material. Well-known manufacturers, as a rule, prefer to use high-tech bearings of 2 types (sliding and rolling) made of ceramics, which require virtually no maintenance.

  • Pipes for irrigation systems. Irrigation systems use pipes made of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). All three types have high corrosion resistance. But note that the latter type is suitable only for areas with a warm climate, since at low temperatures in PVC pipes tightness is broken.

The most versatile in the operation of pipes made of polyethylene.

Sprinklers. Choose based on the characteristics of the site and its size.

  • Rotary sprinklers provide optimal irrigation of a large area, fan (static) suitable for small areas with a complex landscape.

We want to draw your attention to the new development of the company Hunter, MP Rotator. In essence, this is a multi-jet rotor the size of a nozzle, but when compared with conventional models of nozzles and rotors, you will find many obvious improvements and advantages in performance. The rotator is able to provide high-quality watering of those places that classic sprinklers can not afford.

  • A simple system for configuring the controller and managing the entire system.

Choose the brand

The following TM can be distinguished from professional equipment: HUNTER, Rain-Bird, Toro. These are not just well-known brands, they are world leaders who have gained their reputation over the years and have perfectly managed to recommend themselves in Ukrainian conditions.

The quality of products from all manufacturers of this class is almost the same. Moreover, without affecting the quality of irrigation, you can replace parts and components from one company with similar parts of a competitor. This is possible due to the fact that all basic components of the system are standardized: watering heads, solenoid valves, fittings and components have a standard thread and diameter.

Controllers contain a standard set of functions and they can also be changed as much as you like. Only the number of irrigation lines served can differ.

Each manufacturing company values ​​its reputation and has its own developments: fittings of unusual design, special sprayers and nozzles that reduce the water consumption or the formation of a jet of unusual shapes. It should be noted that these “raisins” are not too different and in no way affect the irrigation efficiency.

On a note

Installation of an automatic irrigation system is rather troublesome. Since after the end of the work all the equipment will be hidden, time to troubleshoot it can be difficult. Therefore, performing the installation, you need to be 100% confident in your abilities, and even better – to entrust this task to professionals.

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